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Periodontal Care / Scaling & Root Planing in Helotes, TX

At Cedar Springs Dental, Helotes, TX, we recognize the profound importance of periodontal care in safeguarding both your dental and overall health. The health of your gums and the bones that cradle your teeth is the bedrock of a vibrant, healthy mouth. To combat periodontal disease, we offer deep cleanings also known as Scaling and Root Planing (SRP), a non-surgical intervention that meticulously cleans beneath the gum line and refines the tooth root, fostering an environment where gums can heal and reattach more effectively to the tooth surface.

SRP is a testament to our commitment to comprehensive oral care, going beyond the scope of regular dental cleaning to target and eradicate the hidden plaque and tartar that threaten periodontal health. By engaging in this deep cleaning process, we’re not just scraping away harmful substances; we’re also smoothing the roots of your teeth to diminish bacterial niches and promote a healthier, more adherent gum line. This proactive approach is crucial in reducing pocket depths around the teeth and encouraging the natural healing processes of your gums, setting the stage for a healthier mouth and a brighter smile.

The Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment in Helotes

Scaling and root planing at Cedar Springs Dental provides exceptional periodontal care that prevents tooth loss and improves oral health.

The benefits of undergoing periodontal care, particularly deep cleanings, include:

  • Prevention of Tooth Loss: By addressing periodontal disease early through SRP, we can prevent the progression that leads to tooth loss.
  • Improvement of Oral Health and Hygiene: SRP can significantly improve oral health, resulting in fresher breath and a cleaner mouth.
  • Reduction of Inflammation and Promotion of Gum Healing: The procedure reduces gum inflammation, allowing for the natural healing and reattachment of the gums to the tooth surface.

Why Choose Cedar Springs Dental for Your Periodontal Care?

Choosing Cedar Springs Dental for your periodontal care means entrusting your oral health to the professional hands of Helotes dentist Dr. An Ho and our dedicated team. While Dr. Ho’s professionalism and meticulous approach to dentistry underscore the quality of care you’ll receive, it’s our state-of-the-art equipment that ensures your Scaling and Root Planing treatments are not only effective but also as comfortable as possible. Beyond the treatment itself, we are deeply committed to patient education, providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain optimal periodontal health and prevent future disease. At Cedar Springs Dental, we don’t just treat; we partner with you in your journey to a healthier smile.

Cedar Springs Dental Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of dental services, including:

  • Periodontal Care / SRP
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bonding
  • And more…

Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontal Care / SRP

Cedar Springs Dental specializes in expert periodontal care, including scaling & root planing.

What are the signs that you might need periodontal care?

Signs include swollen, red, or bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, and loose teeth.

How is Scaling and Root Planing performed?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, where the dentist cleans beneath the gum line and smoothens the tooth roots.

What can be expected after an SRP procedure?

Patients may experience slight discomfort and gum sensitivity, which typically subside within a few days.

How often should Scaling and Root Planing be done?

The frequency of SRP depends on the individual’s periodontal health, which Dr. An Ho will assess and recommend accordingly.

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For personalized periodontal care and to learn more about deep cleanings, contact Cedar Springs Dental in Helotes, TX. Our dedicated team is here to help you achieve and maintain optimal gum health.

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