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dental fillings TX

At Cedar Springs Dental, we understand the importance of a healthy smile. That’s why we offer a wide range of comprehensive dental services, including dental fillings, to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. If you’re experiencing tooth decay or damage, our experienced team of professionals can help restore your smile with effective and efficient fillings.

Types of Dental Fillings

At Cedar Springs Dental, we offer a variety of dental fillings, including composite and ceramic fillings. Composite tooth-colored fillings are made of a tooth-colored resin that blends in with your natural teeth. Ceramic fillings, also known as porcelain fillings, are made of a high-strength material that can be matched to the color of your natural teeth. Our dentist Dr. An Ho will work with you to determine which type of filling is best suited for your needs.

The Process of Getting a Filling

The dental treatment of getting fillings is simple. First, we’ll use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth. Then, we’ll remove any decayed or damaged tissue and prepare the tooth for the filling. Once the tooth is ready, we’ll carefully place the filling material and shape it to match your tooth’s natural contours. After the filling is in place, we’ll polish it to ensure a smooth, natural-looking finish.

Reasons for Needing Fillings

  • Tooth Decay: Tooth decay is caused by the buildup of bacteria in the mouth that produce acids that erode the tooth’s enamel, leading to cavities. If left untreated, cavities can grow larger and cause pain, sensitivity, and even tooth loss. A dental filling is a common treatment for tooth decay. During the filling process, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed and replaced with filling material, restoring the tooth’s structure and function.
  • Cracks and Chips: Teeth can become cracked or chipped due to a variety of reasons, including trauma, grinding, or biting down on hard objects. These cracks and chips can leave the tooth vulnerable to decay and infection, and can also cause pain and sensitivity. Dental fillings can help to restore the structure of the tooth and prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Worn or Damaged Fillings: Dental fillings can wear down or become damaged over time. When this happens, the filling may need to be replaced to prevent further decay or damage to the tooth. Regular dental check-ups can help catch worn or damaged fillings before they cause more significant issues.
  • Cosmetic Enhancements: Dental fillings can also be used for cosmetic enhancements, such as to fill gaps between teeth or to restore the appearance of discolored teeth. Composite and ceramic fillings are tooth-colored and can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth, providing a natural-looking solution.
  • Preventive Care: Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help catch dental issues early on before they require more extensive treatment. During these appointments, Dr. Ho will examine your teeth for signs of decay, cracks, and other issues that may require a filling or other restorative treatment.

Advantages of Choosing Cedar Springs Dental

At Cedar Springs Dental, we pride ourselves on providing personalized and compassionate care to each of our patients. Our dental professionals are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of dental care, including dental fillings. We use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that your fillings are long-lasting, effective, and look natural. We also offer a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to help put you at ease during your visit.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

At Cedar Springs Dental, we’re committed to helping patients of all ages achieve optimal oral health. If you need a dental filling or any other dental service, don’t hesitate to contact us at 210-468-1981 or visit our dental office for a consultation. We look forward to helping you maintain your dental health and a beautiful smile for years to come. We will gladly provide you with an exam to review if you need a dental filling.

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